• DecisionLink

    Providing Outside-In Analysis for accounts and business cases for every deal.
  • FDI Compass

    FDI Compass is a corporate strategy monitor built for executives, consultants, analysts and investors. We track multiple sources across the world to detect companies that are making or planning strategic decisions such as new investment, expansion, acquisition, merger, joint venture & other. Right now, corporations are making decisions that affect your business and create opportunities for you. We invite you to take advantage of this market intelligence at
  • Finance Today

    a simple app that will show case some of our new UI Controls for Windows Phone 8.1
  • FinSent

    Using Sentiment Analysis, this app should be able to predict elements of looming risk from a 10-K filing. We intend to blend this with Social Media-derived Sentiment. The uncertainty gauge in the screenshot would be derived from 10-K and other information.
  • JUST Data Explorer

    Allows people to visualize the JUST Capital ranking
  • Last 10K for Android

    Last 10K for Android displays an in-depth catalog for every part of a company's financial statement from earnings and revenue to cash flow trends, debt load and more.
  • Last 10K for iOS

    Last 10K for iOS displays an in-depth catalog for every part of a company's financial statement from earnings and revenue to cash flow trends, debt load and more on iPhones and iPads.
  • Last 10K for Windows

    Our Windows Store App, Last 10K, takes the most important financial data from lengthy 10-K Annual and 10-Q Quarterly reports filed with the SEC and makes them touch-friendly.
  • ProgrammableWeb

    Last 10K's API profile on ProgrammableWeb, the web's defacto journal of the API economy.
  • Stock Watch List App

    Allow user to add stocks to a watch list on Mobile and conduct research based on various financial data of the company
  • StockSwipe

    Don't find a gold digger, find a gold miner. And instead of begging for a date, find a 10 bagger trade!! Lets swipe through stock cards and discover trade ideas in seconds. Why StockSwipe you ask? The idea came to us as we were searching for trades ourselves. Part of our daily routine was to scan FinViz and other sites for charts with a potential trade opportunities. But none of these sites had an intuitive way to do so on mobile. Thats when it hit us! The simplistic UI makes it a perfect fit for a finance app on a mobile device. CardView: Did someone say: It’s like Tinder for Stocks? Well don't know about that! One helps you make money, the other helps you find someone who will take it away :D Though we do share similarities, like a beautiful 3 cards view which will make discovering stocks easier than ever. Best part: its not “suggested” based on others bias. These are randomly selected and we want you to be your own judge. If you think you found a great trade idea you can swipe right to mark it as a long or left to mark it as a short or swipe up to skip to the next card. MarketView: Trending cloud, top stories and ticker board With MarketView, you get a great overview of the market, with trending stocks, top stories and a ticker board. The trending cloud is a clever twist to just listing trending stocks. We wanted to highlight stocks that are trending in a fun way. And here size matters..The bigger, the better! haha. No but really, the bigger, the more trending a stock is. This is based on how much its mentioned on social media. Tap a card to open a detailed view of any chart and see the following: * Chart: Professional chart with indicators, annotation and many more features * Stream: A twitter stream of the stock * Profile: A company profile with general metrics, analysts rating as well as company summary, sector and industry. Exchanges Supported: - AMEX - NASDAQ - NYSE - TSX - 8500+ Stocks Contact Us: We release regular updates to StockSwipe, and we welcome suggestions for improvements/features - please use the feedback form within the app and leave us a review on the AppStore.